Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stansted War Memorial

This rather unusual and lovely war memorial stands on a small triangular island at the bottom of Stansted Hill.

There is much to read about Stansted War Memorial if you click the link below.
Stansted War Memorial

Here is a brief excerpt.
The original bronze memorial statue was by the sculptor Alois Stroebl and was cast in Budapest. The base is Portland Stone. The Memorial was finally erected and unveiled in 1923.

Since 1923, the statue has been twice stolen. On the first occasion in 1964 it was recovered from a quarry in Dartford, but the second time in 1995 it was finally lost and never recovered. The replacement of today was prepared by the modern sculptress, Faith Winter, and erected in 1996.

Regarding the above theft, local legend has it that the thieves pulled the statue down with a vehicle and dragged it up Malthouse Lane, apparently leaving gouged scratches all along the road's surface. It must have made a hell of a racket, but it was the dead of night so no one heard it!

I found a rather wonderful (and long!) document detailing all the fallen on the web, and I've recreated it here for you to look at. As I'm not the author I cannot vouch for its accuracy, but if anything is incorrect I sincerely hope it causes no offense.

The War Memorial is listed, see here

A close up of the face

The statue is part of Stansted School's logo

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